Monster Truck Curries galapagos giant tortoise Discovered in the Amazon watch video

This YouTube video show a monster tortoise discovered in Amazon being hoisted using a monster truck. The tortoise is deemed the largest of all that have been found in the entire history. There are a number of people surrounding the truck obviously surprised from the rare occurrence.Many scientists have tried to uncover the correct age of the turtle and as it seems, it has lived through several centuries. This might be the reason it is being believed to be the largest animal that crawls. Some scientists, however, believe that gigantism (disease or mediacal condition) is the main reason for the abnormal size of the tortoise.

Gigantism has been found to be existing in the Amazon because a giant snake was also found a few years back. It is believed that the smaller the region the animal occupies, the worse the condition becomes. If gigantism was to affect humans, people would become giants. This is what ScienceN60 in the video introduces you to.

The video also shows historical facts about several other turtles that have been found. Their weights, sizes and places they were found are also mentioned in the video. Some of those documented are up to 4 feet and weigh more than 300 pounds. However, the particular tortoise found in the basins of the Amazon weighed more than 800 pounds. It took a lot of effort for the police to wield it on to the truck. It is believed that the tortoise has been there since the 18th century.

On the video, other dangerous animals in the Amazon too are also featured. Like the alligators that do not spare human beings.

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