Almost two plane crash at the airport on landing time live video

All this was attributed to unresponsive or rather lack of proper coordination and communication that almost lead to a deadly crash between the two planes . Utair was about to take off while argentinas airbus was almost touching down . It took the intervention of the airport flight authorities plus the effort of the investigation and other plane crash compilation , the two pilots to avert  the disastrous event that was about to be witnessed in history . According to air crash investigation and other plane crash compilation , the two pilots both engaged their skills and knowledge to their fullest thus playing a crucial role in preventing the situation . It is not a jock this near plane crash is real and happened in Barcelona. You can watch a video clip about what transpired by visiting .

All 260 passengers on board flight UTair Boeing 767-300 have their pilots to thank for after safely landing at El Prat Airport. As the plane was descending towards the runway, Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A340 taxied across its path, which could have easily led to one of the most disastrous head-on airplane crash in history.

Speaking after the incident, Limarev explained that Argentinas had defied instructions from air traffic control and the pilots were left to react based on their instinct and training. They successfully avoided making it into a plane crash compilation by maneuvering an emergency go around’ procedure. The plane safely landed 15 minutes later.

This near crash video above was captured by plane fanatic Miguel Angel who described it as one of his worst experiences. The Spanish Airport Authority AENA has also demanded an air crash investigation into the incident to prevent future occurrences.

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