Anaconda pops out of water filled pothole in Bengaluru

It was a morning of shock and horror to the residents of Bengaluru who when going about their morning duties saw an anaconda pop from one of its very deep potholes on their roads. This happened just days after a life size crocodile appeared on these very potholes.

Anaconda (3)


The anaconda, with a hand coming out of its mouth was made in two days by an art graduate and placed in the potholes by the Namma Bengaluru Foundation that is working to raise awareness of the water logging problem the residents and users of Bengaluru roads are facing. It is also perceived as an attempt to embarrass the Bruhat Bengalaru Mahanagra Palike and force them t repair the roads.

In their efforts to raise awareness the NMB is conducting debates in eight wards within Bengaluru in the month of August. Hopefully the Bruhat Bengalaru Mahanagra Palike will take action and look into the woes of Bengaluru residents.

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