Animal attack on human watch the horrible video

Living beings coexist in nature and even the organisms that are on top of the evolutionary scale depend on others. But sometimes, nature goes wild. Animals and man that are supposed to maintain harmony in nature fail to do so. It is observed as the attacks of beastly animals on human beings. Usually it is the humans who hunt down animals due to their intelligence and hunting skills but sometimes the natural arrangements go haywire and the animals start hurting man.The video shows beasts of nature attacking men who appeared to be unaware of this unwanted assault. The tiger bites off the arm of the man causing a massive bleed and irreparable injury. The wreckage of the boat caused by the shark is so scary that you may never go out on your boat again!. Dogs are called man’s best friend but when the best friend betrays you and rips off the front of your car, it is not so pretty. Bulls seem to be full of anger and raging hormones and it is fun to watch them on the television but when the bulls jumps off the fence into the crowd, the people go crazy. Kangaroos may seem to be friendly and docile but a kick on the back will change your opinion about them and cause you trouble while sitting. Pandas are adored by one and all but when the panda just wants a piece of your shirt for itself, you better run!. Even fish may hurt the hunters when nature intends so. It just goes on to prove that no matter how advanced we may be when nature in the form of wild animals attacks with all its brute force, the humans seem very helpless.

How the animal attack video shoot and what are the equipment?

Animal attack on human watch the horrible video’ is a compilation of the various instances where the so called harmonious co-existence between man and beasts is slighted. The video is a compilation of both images, taken by individuals and posted in the internet and some derived from the leading animal magazine, the National Geographic, and videos. From the dolphin video to other videos present in the compilation, animal attack on human watch the horrible video explores different scenarios of animal attacks on unsuspecting humans. Some of the videos are taken from popular television cables like Discovery Channel, History channel and Animal Planet. From the high definition images caught on hd cameras and digital cameras, to the video clips that were taken by video cameras, one will clear see how nature has turned even the less harmful of the animals into merciless and determined predators. Everyone can watch the video on YouTube.


 (Courtesy : YouTube)

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