Best Bullfighting Video that rocked the world

Bullfighting festival: How much fun is there when brushing shoulders with death? Bullfighting is a sport that serves as a source of entertainment and also as an archive of history and culture for the people of Latin America and some parts of Europe.Bull fighting is a high adrenalin sport that involves a bull or several bulls, a location with less safety for humans and a rather open field for the bull. So the bull is tied to long rope then let to run around people tease the bull with bright colored pieces of clothes as if challenging it and the agitated bull heeds to the call and comes charging towards the teaser.

So it happens that the bull confuses a woman dressed in a red top who was just watching, with the people teasing it. It went charging to the woman’s direction and oblivious of what is happening the woman was locked in the horns of the bull. It bull threw her up and tossed her in the air severally until some men attacked the bull and surprisingly the woman just stood up and dusted her clothes and started cheering! She was unhurt! That right there was reason I earlier said the sport is a high adrenalin event.

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