Biggest wild animal fights watch real wildlife video

What happen in the African savannah jungle is amazing, you can watch wildlife videos on YouTube, you can just search on YouTube, animal attack, African safari video, wildlife videos YouTube, wildlife animal videos, African wildlife videos, wildlife video, best and video camera for wildlife to experience firsthand information on what is going on in African savanna each and every day there is animal attack. They Fight for territory, fight for food and fight for survival. In one of the video in YouTube there is a fight between lion and elephant.

The elephant is feeding when, he saw the approaching lion, the elephant sees it as a treat to his family it soon charges towards the lion and soon two more elephants join in the attack but the lion sees it charging towards him and he runs., soon the lion join the group of lions and they all run away from the attack.

The cat move closer to in steady and focused move towards the crocodile, at some point he charges with speed towards the crocodile. The cat is small but with courage and determination he manages to scare away the crocodile and the crocodile retreat to the water.

There is a fight between two reptiles, the anaconda and a crocodile. The anaconda is shown wrapping its coils over the young crocodile and after a few minutes the crocodile lies lifeless and anaconda pull it way.

The fight between eagle and wolf is an interesting one since the eagle flies and the wolf doesn’t. The wolf is seen run for is life but around the African savannah seem there is no cover and eagle easily pick it up.

A leopard and jackal were feeding on the same prey when all of sudden the leopard attack the jackal; The jackal responds by ferociously bites the leopard , the fight around where the prey was, the fight attracted one more jackal but instead of helping him he come and eat the prey. The jackal is seemed overwhelmed by the leopard.There is a fight between the hyena and leopard, the hyena approaches a leopard with young ones the leopard charge towards him the hyena sense danger.

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