Real Horrible Video Car crash into motorbike must accidental insurance your life

Riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous on the open road or on a highway, but what happens when a motorcyclist is parked in a residential neighborhood and is not even riding the motorcycle? Such is the case (in this video from Malaysia), where the cyclist has actually parked his vehicle and he his sitting on it, when a car comes crashing into him, leveling him and his motorcycle.This car crash videos on Youtube .

It appears that the driver of the car either had his eyes closed or was completely oblivious to the fact the person was even there. What a crazy driver and completely irresponsible! The motorist is quite lucky too, even though he wasn’t wearing a helmet. He is visibly shaken and hurt, but probably more amazed at how stupid the driver of the car was, to just drive straight into him without stopping. His motorcycle suffered serious damage and the goods he was either delivering or transporting are clearly trashed. Hopefully, he had some type of insurance for his Bike or the person driving the Car was insured against this type of accident. 

 (Courtesy : YouTube)

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