Cooking With A Drill Machine May Not Look Normal Before You Watch This Lady Doing So

How many of you have played, games like GTA, NFS, and other hard games, we think many of you have played. Now if we ask how many of you have cleared the stages of these games by hacks or commonly known as cheat codes, we know that many of you will not agree with the fact that you have used some hacks at any of the stages of these games. Similarly, there are hacks in the world of Tools also, oh! Don’t be surprised when we say that tools can also be hacked. We will prove our point.

We are sure that tools can also be hacked, but still if you have any doubt, here is a video where this person is using a drill machine to grind some pepper and many other uses, just see it and enjoy it.

Source: (YouTube)

You can use Paper clip as Sim Ejector

In the famous phones of Xiaomi and Apple where the battery is, non-removable has an access to insert sim on the top. Therefore, to open this port they have provided a paperclip and have said that this is the special tool through which the sim can be ejected only.

Not satisfied, let me give a day-to-day example

Nail Cutter can be used as Wire cutter

If in case you want to cut a wire and forget a cutter, you can also use a nail cutter for this work. Just try it and then tell us, if we are wrong.

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