The Craze of Taking Selfies Made These People Put Their Life At Risk

Taking selfies is quite a popular thing to do now a days, but do you really think that to take a selfie, one has to risk his/ her life to take a selfie. Here are some of the most amazing selfies:

1.We know you all have taken many selfies by standing on the top of a building, but have you tried this?


2.Yes we know that cycling is good for health, but in this case, it is not at all good for this rider.


3.Hey! See down you are about to be is water.


4.Hey Pilot, please focus on flying the plane many lives is dependent on you.


5.Taken on the top of Princess Tower in Duai (Highest residential Building)(1350 feet).


6.The cheetah of national zoo in Canberra looks less scarier with the Cameron Ernst winner of Tourist Australia’s best job in world.


7. Hey we think the driver should focus more on driving rather than taking a selfie.


8. He is so busy in taking a selfie, that also forgot that plane is going down.


9. You should focus more on opening parachute than to take a selfie.


10. The craze of taking selfie made her forget where she is.


These are some of the craziest selfies, do you have any of your favorite?

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