Save The Planet Earth

Planet earth is the host of various species. Among these species, human beings are considered the most intelligent and are the only species capable of taking care of the earth. The planet gives us the best experiences we can ever think of. However, most of our activities are aimed at destroying it rather than building it.

We do this will the aim of making our stay on earth comfortable forgetting that the planet belongs to the other species too, and they were here before us. We should keep in mind that destroying the planet destroys us and other species too. We all know what it takes to save the planet and we all have the ability to do so and it being our host we should take care of it.

Saving the planet involves taking major recognition of the it and understanding that we all have to survive and coexist in it. It starts by changing oneself and then influencing others to do the same. The future of the planet is on our hands lets save it.

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