Different Reactions on the Internet as Gangster Crab Video Goes Viral Overnight

Gangster crab video goes viral overnight and many people think that the crab holding a knife trying to defend against the human attacker is very funny. Other people consider it inappropriate. Attempts to make crabs look funny or more human have been made before, but this viral video is probably the best video with a crab that you can see on the Internet.

A “go viral” video is a video that can be passed through social media sites or emails and spreads fast because it is shared and sent by a large number of people. Some people may be wondering how a crab video that has not been made with the best camera can reach millions of views on YouTube and Facebook in a short amount of time. If you do a Google search on what makes a video viral and you want to read about the secrets of marketing viral videos, you may find out that the primary ingredient is the presence of cute animals in a video.

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