Drone With Camera Captured This Amazing Orca Family

A drone with camera has captured a pod of orca swimming along a coastline

A drone with camera has captured a pod of orca swimming along a coastline

Few things in the world are as relaxing or as amazing as seeing orcas swimming together in the ocean. In a new YouTube video, posted by Funny Animals, A drone with camera has captured a pod of orca swimming along a coastline. The video opens on a time-lapse image of the shoreline with the tide moving on and off-shore. Then the viewer is transported out over the water to see a pod of orca, both adults and juveniles, swimming peacefully just yards offshore. The camera follows these majestic creatures as they swim along just below the surface of the clear water, breaking the surface to breathe. Their legendary black dorsal fins cut the water, a reminder of the beauty and power of nature.

The orca is nature’s most majestic animal. Video of these massive creatures usually shows them hunting, fulfilling the role given to them by their name “killer whale.” When it comes to orca, facts are much more peaceful and complex. While they do hunt, they also spend time simply swimming with their family pod, sometimes even playing and frolicking.

Animal videos are hugely popular on social media and television, but few have this much clarity and perspective. Flying just over the water’s surface, this drone with camera gives us a literal bird’s eye perspective on these amazing animals, showing them in their natural habitat. For many people around the world, their only interactions with orcas is at marine water park shows and when they see these animals kill on video. A video, like the ones posted by Funny Animals, can spark a conversation about orca facts and trivia that can teach children and adults a new respect and affection for the wonderful creatures.

Recently, orcas have been in the news as one of the world’s largest marine parks has committed to no longer breeding or showing orcas. This, combined with the continued popularity of the movie Free Willy and the results of the release of its star, Keiko, have created a special place in the hearts of millions of children and adult for orcas.

In middle of a busy day, a relaxing animal video can be exactly what you need to unwind a bit. Take about two and half minutes to watch this amazing seaside video of this wondrous animals in their natural habitat.

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