Encounter Of Shark Feeding On The Carcass Of Sperm Whale At Coffs Harbour

While on patrol the marine patrol policemen sported from a close rang a large carcass of a sperm whale floating closer to the Coffs Harbour coast. The police suspected that whales were feeding on the carcass. Even though, the possible cause of sperm shark whale’s death is unknown as well as where the sharks came from. Indeed, the situation prompted the marine police officers to warn the public not to come closer to the shore, and beach authority not to allow swimmers to go on swimming so as to escape the danger of being attacked by sharks seen feeding on the sperm whale carcass.

Sharks are lethal creatures that threatens the lives of beach dwellers if they are in close range to the beach as in the situation reported by the police. Consequently, everyone is hereby advised to remain on the watch-out and not to come nearer to the shore.


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