Five year old boy is eaten alive by a crocodile

Cameras captured the ordeal live as the brother of a five year old boy looked on helplessly as a crocodile dragged him under the water. It was reported that the two had gone out to have some fun just after the young boy had completed his junior class exams. The young boy was playing along the river banks with his toy boat when the crocodile leaped on him and grabbed him by the head. The brother watched the defenseless boy disappear into the deep waters amidst of inaudible screams for help.


A nearby vendor that witnessed the ordeal reported that the boy and the brother had spent quite some time at the river and they were just about to leave before the crocodile decide to make prey of the young boy. Some members of the public and the brother attempted to rescue the boy but he was nowhere to be found, the crocodile had already disappeared. The devastated brother claimed that no one had informed him that there were crocodiles in the area.

crocodile attack

After a further track down, the authorities captured the 13ft crocodile which had killed the young boy. They killed it and found some remains of the boy inside, only one limb and a hand were found. Reportedly, this animal attack has caused a great grief to the family’s boy for the loss of their beloved last born whom they claim to have been super intelligent and that he already had great dreams even in such a tender age. This was said to be the eighth animal attack on human in the area in the last one year. The authorities ordered that all the crocodiles in the area be captured to avoid further killings.

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