Giant anaconda attack cow watch video what happens

In the year 2012, in somewhere in Brazil, an American anaconda attacks a cow and swallows it fully. It seems unbelievable, right? But it is true. The whole incident was recorded by the local people. This wildlife video was gone viral in the internet & also selected as the best video camera for wild life in 2012.

Generally Anaconda is considered as the world biggest & heaviest snake among the snake species. They are usually found in South America. An adult female anaconda is roughly 4.7 meter long. Adult male anaconda is smaller than the female one, around 3.1 meters long. Their average weight is 250 kg which is equivalent to the weight of 11 kids. Usually they hunt at night but in case of starvation they even hunt at day time. They live in water as well as in ground but they love to stay in water due to the ease of movement. Anaconda usually takes 17kg meal per day. Sometime eat whole animal like cow, goat, deer and jaguar as a single piece. The interesting fact about them is the growth through their entire life. They mate in April & May, after six months 20-35 anacondas are given birth at a time. Their skin is very popular in fashion industry.

The world biggest snake, anaconda, captured a cow by twisting around his body. At that time some local people were passing through the field. They saw that an Anaconda which was around 4.8 meter long, trying to kill a cow (But some people think that cow was actually a capybaras which is nothing but a giant guinea-pig). By seeing this, they came and started to throw some small stone and poke with stick to detach it from the cow. After few minutes anaconda left that cow alive & was trying to escape away. But the local people was holding it’s back so that it couldn’t go away or kill some other animal. Even at that situation some girls & boys were trying to take selfie with that anaconda. They started to take fun with the snake by pulling it back. After a while they decided to send the snake in a secure place & not to kill it. So they catch the snack with there bare hands lift it up & bring the snake to the red sea. One of them was holding the mouth so that it couldn’t attack the other people.

Now you are thinking that how a snake can eat such a big animal like cow? Let me explain, Anaconda is a non-venomous snake. These kinds of snake kill their target by twisting & squeezing the victim’s body. Anaconda has elastic ligament in their jaw that’s why they can swallow big animals like cow, jaguar even a human entirely.

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