Giant Anaconda Attacks Dogs

This wildlife video which was shot on best video camera for wildlife shows how a giant anaconda finds a prey in a poor dog . Snake attack are very common in the region of Africa and many use different methods as a treatment for snake bite. Later the anaconda video also shows how in some culture dogs are used as a prey to catch the anacondas. The wildlife animal videos show how group of hunters send a dog in marshy land where anaconda is present just to lure him and later catch the snake.

Some might argue that watching this African wildlife video is very disturbing but this wildlife video showcases the life that Africans live in. It shows what kind of challenges they have to tackle and always be prepared for treatment on such calamities.The wildlife videos YouTube in the end also shows that how a anaconda who has swallowed a girl is caught by the villagers and how have part of her body is lying outside the mouth of the snake.

Snake Bites: Types, Symptoms & Treatments

Snakes are amazing reptile. They  are more scared of you than you are of them and snakes usually attack when provoked . The videos on Wildlife animal and specifically videos showing attacks by anacondas show that sharing of space by humans and wildlife leads to more snake encounters . There are two types of snake bites i.e venomous and dry depending on if the snake is venomous or non – venomous snake bites are serious because these can lead to death if caused by venomous snake . Depending on snake type, the symptoms vary. Dry bites may cause mild pain. Snake bites can produce different symptoms, in case of venomous ranging from localized pain to nausea. In some cases, it can lead to paralysis. Potential system, in case of venomous snakes, are servere pain, puncture marks around the wound, difficulty in breathing and swelling around the bite. In addition, it causes nausea, vomiting, blurred vision and numbness around face and limbs.

Symptoms may start right away or get delayed for hours depending on different types of venomous snakes – cobra, copperhead, coral snake, cottonmouth, rattlesnake etc. Children are at higher risk due to their small physical size. The first crucial step during a snake bites is to call Doctor. In case of non venomous snake, the treatment for snake bite includes cleaning the area with antiseptic. If bitten by venomous snake, a pressure immobilization bandage is relay helpful . it is done by applying firm bandage and restricting the movement in that area. Along with that, it is important Not to apply tourniquet or try suck the venom. It does more harm than good. Getting medical cure, as soon as possible, prevents adverse effects. It involves administration of anti venom.

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