Giant Python attack dog must watch video its miracle Owner Saves Dog life

Animals are instinctive creatures. They are easily threatened by the presence of any other animal, be it of the same specie or not. This interaction almost always ends up in a fight. The reason for the fight may not just be threat, as sometimes animals fight to show dominance. The animals of same specie fight to prove their strength and decide the leader of the pack. Also, the males fight each other to win over their female counterpart. While this is the situation within the specie, animals of different specie fight each other, either to protect their territory, or, to kill the other for food.

In this video we can clearly see how the python attacks the dog. In this situation, the snake is trying to strangle the dog to death before eating it. But, miraculously the owner manages to chase away the python and save their dog. This is only one example of such a fight. There are numerous wildlife videos on YouTube of serious fights between the animals. Most of such African wildlife videos are captured using the very best video cameras for better viewing experience.The videos are spine chilling to watch as the deadly animals fight each other. Also, it provides an insight on understanding the behavior of the animals. It is definitely interesting to every wildlife enthusiast and I’m sure it would capture your interest as well. Do leave your views and comments.

Others wild animal attack videos ! Watching wild animal attack videos, we can see lions often attack other animals, but with Sharks many times we see attacks happening on humans. However it’s natural to fear sharks but you must know that when these creatures are on the attack they do not make any conscious effort on their part, with that said here are the unbelievable stories of people who survived shark attack.

Free style diver: Rodney fox was free style diver and was in the process of participating in a spear fishing competition off the coast, when he was grabbed around the middle by a great white shark, fortunately he did manage to wage an ongoing battle with it but he eventually he sustained the sharks bite which exposed his lungs, rib cage and numerous arm bones.

Dolphin rescue: This occurred when a group of rescuers who found themselves off the coast of newzealand, owe their lives to a pack of dolphin which came to their rescue, as the sharks were about to attack them the dolphin circled the swimmers and began beating the water with their fins which alerted one of the swimmers realizing that they were about to be attacked by sharks .

The best female surfer: Hamilton was the best female surfer of 2003 unfortunately she was attacked by a shark while lying on her board, the shark bit off her arm which was dangling on her board and the water from her shoulder, she did loss about sixty percent of her blood.While watching wild animal attack videos you get a different perspective of animal attack, when you compare it with shark attacks, the sharks have sensory organs and it is good for people to know what they are and what they do to help prevent accidents.

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