Giant Snake Anaconda Caught in the Red Sea

The Red Sea is a seawater extension of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia. It is considered as one of the most saline water body in the world. The sea gets its name from a type of algae found in the sea that leaves the colour of water reddish brown after it dies. Hoaxes about giant snakes in the Red Sea have always come up in the news. This news spread all around that a giant snake was caught alive in the Red Sea. It was reported that it caused panic among the tourists present there. The snake has been said to be the largest snake seen yet. The people who were involved in later destroying the snake were few Egyptian scientists and divers.

Images floated across the media showing the world’s biggest snake, which appeared in the Red Sea. The snake was over 20 feet tall and its length was about 36 feet. That means it was longer than 3-4 buses kept one after another in queue. Scientists estimated that the age of the beast would be not less than 100 years. The images show the dead snake on top of some kind of military truck carrier having tanks, hoisted up by a helicopter among others. The names of those who tracked and killed the snake were given. Those scientists involved in the killing of this raging reptile were Drs, Karim Mohammed, Mohammed Sharif and some divers, namely, Abdullah Karim and Wael Mohammed. The pictures have been captured by the pilot of the Belgian helicopter, Col Remy Van Lierde.

The pilot asserted that the helicopter when brought down by some feets, to get a closer look at the snake was attacked by the snake. The 200 feet long snake rose up, scaring the Colonel. The pictures are completely authentic, but the soldiers and military vehicles are just models. The snake shown in the picture is absolutely real. Those names of elite scientists and qualified divers who participated in killing the snake adds credence to the story.

The snake’s body has been transferred to the Egypt morgue at Sharm El Sheikh international animal. Catching the world’s largest snake would have take a lot of risk. Capturing it in the form of a wildlife video was done brilliantly. The video has been shot by a professional. However, many pictures of anaconda and other wild snakes, shot by best video cameras for wildlife, have flooded the media time to time. So, its upto the audience to believe if the story is true or a hoax. Watch the video on YouTube for yourselves to kill your curiosity.

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