Watch Video Giant Snake Eats Crocodile Caught On Camera

A giant snake eats crocodile caught on camera after a battle of what is supposedly three hours before the python devoured the alligator. This rare animal behavior happened in the Everglades raising issues of how American alligators which are Florida’s top predators will adapt to the Florida surroundings.

The funny thing is that the crocodile was still alive when being swallowed by the giant snake. This wildlife footage is one of a kind since the giant snake constricts the alligator to death and swallowing it whole. The snake coiled itself around the crocodile making the crocodile helpless through hard tightening.

This is a huge insult to Florida’s top predator that was at first fighting the giant snake before it was strangled. The battle made both of them weaker; however, the crocodile give in making it easy to be swallowed. Even though crocodiles are dangerous to catch, this was a rare case and something uncommon to see any other day.

( Courtesy : Youtube )

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