Giant Tortoise in pursuit of an Explorer for interrupting its mating ritual

A lot of fierce creatures lurk in the wild. But the giant tortoise are never thought of as one of them.  In this shocking video, Pual Rose, An explorer of The National Geographic, is chased by the tortoise for his deliberate interruption in their mating ritual.

The tortoise got so mad that it chased Paul away far and wide with, you know, a reasonal speed for a tortoise. It was so mad that it tried its level best to get a chunk out of Paul. The sound made by the tortoise on course of its pursuit too is terrifying.  Eventually,Paul managed to escape the sharp glares of the tortoise because afterall it is reputed to be one of the slowest ones out there. But the guts and the moxie shown the tortoise is worth watching.  But to the giant tortoise’s despair slow and steady couldn’t win the race this time!


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