Golden eagle attacking biggest animals watch wildlife animal videos

This is one of the wildlife animal videos on YouTube where we see one animal attacking another. In this Video, a dead deer can be seen on the ground. The deer had been attacked by a Golden Eagle. As the Video continues we also observe another encounter when a Golden Eagle descended from the sky and attacked a deer in the forest. The Deer was helpless, it could not do anything to save itself from the attacking Eagle.

The Question this leaves us is why do animal attack each other? The answer is not far fetched. The major reason why animals attack each other is for food. There are several African wildlife videos and wildlife videos YouTube where you see animals prey on each other. Animals that eat other animals are referred to as carnivorous animals. There are several carnivorous animals in the Jungle, ranging from Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Wolf, Hyena, Eagle among others. These animals always attack other weaker animals to feed themselves. In the Jungle, the fittest animal survives. Any animal that cannot survive becomes prey to the stronger animals.Another reason why animals attack each other is to establish territorial dominance. This is to claim a patch of land as their own. The territory usually contested for by these animals will usually be an area with the largest amount of food and shelter. There is one popular wildlife video on YouTube where two lions fought themselves vigorously over territory.There are several high quality Video Cameras for shooting wildlife scenes, one of them is the Sony PMW-200 among others. However the best video camera for wildlife is the Panasonic AJ-PX270. It is the ideal camera for animal documentaries.

Did you know that the the golden eagle do attack deer ? It might seem absurd or impossible but this was actually caught on one of the best video camera for wildlife . The most bizarre thing is that these attacks do not only occur in open areas , but also in dense forest . Looks like the golden eagles do have some skills when it comes to launching attacks against the deer . Poor deer . During the study of the tiger in the Russian far East , One of the conservationist stumbled upon what seemed to be a partially consumed deer carcass . Only the hide and bones reminded . With further inspection , something didn’t seem to add up . it appeared to have fallen dead in its tracks . No sign of a large carnivore . After reviewing the footage , something unexpected was discovered .A full growing golden preying on a young deer .All around the world , this rapid raptures have been known to take on large mammalian prey . But never before has a documentary been made in angular kill . In similar attacks that have been taken place elsewhere , usually only wide open spaces . This was a dense forest . Because these observations are so uncommon , its likely the golden eagle just prey on deer from time to time . This behavior should have a little of effect on the deer numbers .A good view of the documentary on how the golden eagle attacks and catches a deer can be seen on wildlife videos YouTube , wildlife animal videos , African wildlife videos of any others wildlife videos .

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