This guy makes girls clothes come off

This video is basically about a middle aged guy and two pretty damsels who embark on a hoax mission around the city pulling pranks on unsuspecting passers-by.
In some scenes the pretty damsels request random passers-by most of which are men to take their picture. The unsuspecting dudes willingly submit to the girls request little do they know that they are actually being pranked.

Just before the “photo session” begins, the girls fellow prank star appears from the blue and sneezes sending their dresses in the air .
To the amusement of the viewers, the cunning prank star blames the innocent folk taking the picture .
This is seriously a prank you want to see. I guarantee you an uncontrolled laughter throughout the day. Just take a look at it and be the judge

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Take your time and enjoy the master piece.

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