Hand Exploding Out from Car Driver’s Heart Sends Passengers into a Frenzy

The large numbers of hitch-hikers on India’s roads make for a perfect set-up for some truly funny prank video. In this set-up, a driver has a friend hide in the back seat, covered in a sheet so as to look like so much cargo or baggage. The driver then spots a hitch-hiker, pulls over, and invites him to sit in the front passenger seat.

The driver and the guest then chat as the car moves forward and makes its way through traffic. The conversation is very normal and friendly – perhaps asking about family or work or place of residence. The passenger begins to feel at ease and relaxed. He is happy to have found a ride and he sees that the car is clean and the driver is very safe and experienced. The driver and his accomplice can sense the right level of relaxation when out comes an exploding bloody hand from the driver’s heart – SHOCKING! Watch the passengers’ reactions. It’s hilarious!



Courtesy : Youtube

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