Hilarious road bridges in the world you want to drive your sports car

There are some roads that are very risky, and however much of a good car and driver you are, you might just end up perishing just by passing through these roads. Here are a few examples of the most Dangerous Roads and highways from around the world. First on the list is “Passage de gois” in France. This is a 4.3km stretch of road which links the French mainland with the island of Noirmoutier which is on France’s Atlantic Coast. Talk of suicide in broad daylight. One minute it looks like an okay road and the next minute there isn’t a road. The route vanishes whenever there is a tide! These tides occur twice a day so many a times people time themselves so that they can cross when there isn’t a tide. But, we all know when it comes to natural phenomena, there isn’t such a thing as timing. It requires a lot of caution to drive on this road since it is usually very slippery and a car crash .

Another very dangerous road is the”Patiopoulo Perdikaki road” in Greece. Imagine a 23.5km road that has an elevation of up to 500m. That isn’t the only bad thing about it. A lamborghini black car driver on this road has to put up with countless potholes, tight twists and turns, heavy truck pedestrian livestock traffic. Worst of it all, there are very few guard rails. Now imagine driving on such a road, that has no lines or marking either, at night. You will definitely end up driving off the road, and oh! Remember its up the hill.Third on the list is the Luxor-Al-Hurghada road found in Egypt. It links the city of Luxor, to the Red Sea. It is dangerous because it passes through very remote areas. You could even be forced to spend the night on the road in case your car crash damage . There is also the risk of being attacked by criminals and terrorists. The only option that you have is to drive without your headlight on and of cos we know what would happen if all the travellers drive with their headlights off.

Toroko Gorge road in Taiwan is also very dangerous. It is carved into the mountain’s terrain. Earthquake and heavy rains make this road prone to landslides and erosion.It is also very narrow and has numerous blind corners. Chances of you being bumped by another car are very high.Another very dangerous road is the Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand. imagine driving on a very narrow road that has no safety features and barriers. That is not the only challenged. This road is carved into the side of hills and mountains.Halsema Highway in the Philippines also makes it in this list. The fact that it is 2000m above sea level and is only safe in March and April makes it dangerous. So how do you escape heavy rainfall, fog, rock and mudslides for the rest of the year?Another dangerous road is the Tianmen Mountain Road in China which is 11km long and has an elevation of 1100m. It is very very narrow and has 99 tiny sharp turns. You shouldn’t attempt to drive very fast when on this road.

Eyre Highway in Australia is also very dangerous. It is 1675km long but it drives through very remote areas of Australia. Who wants to meet Bombats, kangaroos and camels along the way? The road is so flat and straight that driving here could be boring and of cos if you have nothing else to look out outside, you might just end up losing your concentration and crash with another vehicle.Karakoram highway that links China to Pakistan. It is a mountainous route. Imagine driving on a road and suddenly there is fog, blizzards or even floods. That’s not all. You also have to worry about bandits and terrorists. The air is also very thin since it is so high above sea level. Zoji la pass in India is dangerous too. It is 3.5km above sea level. Most of the year, there are challenges of heavy snow fall and high winds. Passing through the mud once it has rained is also a headache. It is also very narrow. there aren’t any barriers plus the presence of trucks and livestock just makes it impassible.

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