Horrible accidents in India caught on camera

Rushing people,heavy traffic,crashing into each other,severe injuries,ending up dead before growing old and after all it is a tragic road accident ,car crash videos on YouTube. Isn’t it familiar?It sounds like hearing repeatedly everywhere? Urban citizens had a serious challenge to deal with this problem. It’s You,me and everybody has to face this terrific situation and bring each other into awareness. Till date most of the hospitals were accommodated with people who were injured in a road accident. Unfortunately not all the cases were recovered successfully. Isn’t it something we need to think and talk about? Many people ignore rules and regulations.mostly when it is about traffic rules. One should understand that most of the rules were made for other’s benefit and traffic rules were made for our benefit. Always a change starts from you and me. A rash driver needs to understand a quote “LIVE and LET OTHERS LIVE” A lazy pedestrian and dreaming driver needs to know they still have years to LIVE and have a natural death. Any one with two-wheeler WEAR YOUR HELMET!

Any one with four-wheeler FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT!! Any pedestrian keep your way on foot path,always cross a road on zebra-crossing and keep your eyes alert.Avoid texting,talking on the phone and never keep your ears busy with music while driving or walking on a road.If you are on the road you have to take care of yourself. It sounds very common but it has a serious purpose. Now a days everyone has a busy schedule and rushing here and there. we have a variety of transport facilities,well planned road ways and efficient traffic control system.still SAFETY is something missing all the time.In the earlier days every one has a negative idea about traveling in a ship or in an aeroplane as any accident could be a disaster. But now? Even journey on the roadways has become quite too dangerous.In India a study on the road accidents resulted in more than 1000 deaths per day.Is there any solution for this problem? YES!WE HAVE A SOLUTION!! FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES!SAFELY REACH YOUR DESTINATION!!SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!ENJOY YOUR LONG LIFE!

(Courtesy : YouTube)

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