Latest wildlife video lion vs hippo watch what happens

Animal Attack (Lion and Hippo Fight) There is a very interesting YouTube video showing a lion and a hippo striving to outdo each other in a fight. It is not a contest of sorts. Instead, the hippo is struggling for its life. In this case, the hippo wants to survive, and the lion needs some food for the day. The lion goes ahead to jump on the hippo and attack its neck from the back.A hippo against a lion fight is a tough one. On another video too, one hippo struggles with more than five lions. Still, it is not usual for a fight between a hippo and a lion to ensue, given that the hippo stays under water most of the time, except at night. The fights are interesting.

Hippos are impressive wild animals but they often maintain a quiet and laid-back attitude even amongst other fellow animals. On a youtube wildlife video, an animal attack was evident when a dead hippo that wanted to be preyed upon by a lioness defended itself by an incredible explosion. Just in the nick of time, the dead hippo defecated all over the lioness which set it aback.

This was among the many crazy animal attacks that the lioness did not see coming. The surrounding pack of other lions was so alarmed when the lioness jumped off the dead hippo’s body because they did not understand what was happening.While many animal attacks often occur in the manner of pouncing on the prey, dead animals never counter or defend themselves. This was a one-of-a-kind experience that will not be easily forgotten. The dead hippo proved to have some unfinished business.

When lionesses prepare for hunting, no one ever expects them to step back; after all, they are parts of the rulers of the jungle. Most wildlife videos youtube showcase them in a different light but this attack proved that sometimes, they are vulnerable, just like any other animals.“The lion was spotted from a distance, “said a witness, “When the dead hippo exploded. It was very surprising.”In regards to this attack, every moment was incredible to watch.

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