Leaping Lion Catches Antelope in Mid Air Attack Watch video live

Fewer animals capture our imaginations quite like lions. In this video, two majestic lionesses lay in wait in a safari park in South Africa. When two unsuspecting antelope pass by, the lionesses bound from their hiding place and begin a high speed chase. As the antelope near a cliff, they desperately attempt to flee by wildly jumping, limbs flailing.

One antelope manages to escape the first lioness that jumps after it, but his luck does not last for long. Amazingly, the second lioness leaps after the prey, doing a 180 degree spin to sink her teeth into its back in mid-air. As the pair slams to the ground, interlocked in a battle of life or death, the lioness fights to hold onto the struggling antelope. Within seconds the life is choked out of the antelope and the lionesses take a minute to savor their victory before dragging their trophy back to the pride for dinner.

 (Courtesy : YouTube)

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