Lion deadly attack in africa watch video

Fast, agile and immensely powerful, when lions set their sights on prey they usually manage to make the kill with ruthless efficiency. Thanks to safari tours and the prevalence of electronic devices with video recording capabilities many of these kills can now be seen up close in high definition. Encountering an action packed lion king in the wild usually comes down to a lot of luck and good timing, but thanks to video compilations it is easy to witness plenty of action packed wildlife encounters.

From tall grass and the mud of watering holes, the compilation showcases just how ingenious the big cats are when it comes to using their environment for camouflage. On intrepid lioness can even be seen using the cover of a convoy of tourist vehicles to stalk and strike at her prey. The video also shows that the big cats are not scared to take on other animals that are much larger than themselves. From Wildebeest and Zebra to Kudus and even elephants, the lions are fearless once they commit to an attack. Some animals barely have time to realize what is happening before they are taken down, while others make valiant attempts at escape before succumbing to the sheer force of the attack. The shocked gasps from the onlookers also serve as a reminder of how awe inspiring these attacks are.

(Courtesy : YouTube)

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