Lion Vs Crocodile In a Frenzy Killing Fit watch gruesome animal attack videos

It’s yet another day in the Serengeti… animals go about their daily cycle of life driven by the same ancient rhythm. The kings of this vast wilderness rule the open grass plains leaving the weak ones to the mercy of their hunger. A frenzied hunting session of territorial conquest and survival is what is expected at any one time. The spectacle of predator versus prey in this animal attack video dominates the 40 km long column of wilderness offered by Serengeti. The golden lion feasts on the plain grazers. Millions of wildebeests are migrating in frantic weekly sessions. The majestic elephant’s hooves pound the open plains. Yet the elusive cheetah and leopard prowl the sunburn Savannah along with the spotted hyena prying for the unaware zebras and gazelles.

But there is more to Serengeti than the serenity of peaceful co-existence. Yes, there are crazy animal attacks! Have you ever stopped to think of a fight between a lion and a crocodile? Who do you think would emerge victorious? Most wildlife animal videos depict both the lion and the crocodile as relentless animals. It becomes increasingly hard to imagine these two self-proclaimed masterminds in a siege focused entirely on earning a meal. In every animal attack, you would expect a winner and a loser. Given that the lion’s boundaries are defined by land while the crocodile has no defining limits, it can almost be safe to assume that the winner is definitely the crocodile. But have you thought about how the lion kills an elephant or even a rhino for that case. Can you compare the physical statures of these two animals with that of the crocodile? Save for the powerful tail of the crocodile, it can always be another easy take down for the lion.

In this wildlife video, we see the crocodile plunging into the water while the Lions slowly quench their thirst, probably after a heavy meal. Basically, this only happens when either side is carrying a stomach full of meat. Otherwise, there would be a fit of who is who in the world of dedicated power and hunger drive. There are many wildlife videos YouTube that portray the nature of the lion and the crocodile. Your opinion may change at one point or the other due to the conflicting ideas that you may gather from what you see in all animal attack videos.Serengeti is unrivaled when it comes to offering tourists a mix of natural beauty and scientific privileges. The intoxicating feeling of watching a crocodile attack a lion or vice versa is one that makes us appreciate the beauty of African wildlife videos. Recorded by the best video camera for wildlife, you are sure to access the unique golden expanse of green carpet flecked with a vast variety of animals.

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