Mashup That Travels Across Oceans – Check Out This Combo of Michael J. And India Jams!

The King of Pop isn’t dead just yet! Showing that there are still young people who appreciate the music of the day and age that came before, a group of people on Youtube decided to make a mashup of two songs that you wouldn’t normally associate with each other. The first one is Don’t Stop by, you guessed it, Michael Jackson. The second one is a song composed by A. R. Rahman named ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ or ‘Walk in Shade’.

chaiyya chaiyya 2

The Youtubers Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui, Shankar Tucker, and Vidya worked together in India to create a mashup of these two songs into beautiful mix. Along with this, they recorded dances and travels they had along their way in India to showcase some of the great views found within the area. Whether you’re an American with a taste for the King of Pop, an Indian who loved Rahman’s compositions, or just someone looking for something awesome to jam out to, you can do no wrong with this 3 minute and 34 second music video.

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