Meet World’s Most Hated Candyman watch video

Travers Beynon who has nicknamed himself ‘ The Candyman’ is a billionaire and one of the world’s richest men. The Candyman lives a luxurious life with the finest things the world could offer from cars, huge mansion and even women. He is simply the life of the party and is known to be wild and hold extravagant parties daily. These parties, mainly have scantily dressed women trying their best to get his attention.Travers lives in a Gold Coast mansion where all the action usually goes down. He makes his fortune through the sale of tobacco. The Candyman despite this party lifestyle is surprisingly married to Traesha and is a father. The flashy playboy has often posted pictures of his wife alongside his other almost nude models whom he has labelled his Candyman angels and goddesses.

His wife’s grandparents have expressed concern on how he raises his children in a mansion of moral decay. They are also burdened with the pain of seeing their granddaughter dehumanized and treated like one of his girlfriends. The Candyman on one occasion post a picture of him holding his wife on a leash while she was on all fours. In another picture his wife was used as a plate where food was served on her for him to eat. Treasha’s grandparents claim that they have not been able to hold their great grandchildren and were never allowed to attend the wedding.

The billionaire playboy has been criticized for raising his children with fewer moral values. He has posted videos of him and his eldest son who is 16 years old partying wildly. His 13year old daughter has her pictures all over the internet where she is scantily dressed. He also posted a picture of his family where his youngest daughter held her middle finger up. Efforts to interview the Candyman have been futile and the much we know about his life is gathered from what he posts on instagram. His wife’s grandparents can only hope and pray that she will one day get away from that life. They also hope that friends, family and concerned persons of girls who live in his mansion will help them rescue the Candyman’s goddesses from the immoral world they live in.

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