Monster captured on camera live watch The biggest Snake in History

Pandemonium broke out, as workers stumbled into a giant snake that fits the description of anaconda!This new phenomenon, was reported by constructors on site, at Belo Monte Dam, in Brazil South America. Reports claim that the monster, whose images were caught on camera, was slithering out of a cave, after explosions hurled it out of its apparent habitat.The news caught the world sensationally, with the Daily Star, splashing a screaming headline describing the “Monster on Camera,” asserting that this could be one of the biggest snake in history.

According to Daily Star News, this gigantic snake weighed almost a ton, was 32 ft in length and one meter wide in some parts of the body.An uploaded video clip indicates that this catch could be the biggest snake ever, what with the big bulges in its body, a clear indication of its rapacious appetite!The Guinness World Records 2011 indicate that the longest snake then, was less than eight feet (7.67 meters, equivalent to twenty five feet, and two inches).

The remains of this giant cobra, was chained to the back of a car as seen in clips uploaded on YouTube.It took several seconds to document, and film the whole episode, with various unverified pictures in circulation.One such showed workers posing with the giant predator, while another unverified picture, showed that the snake required heavy machinery to move! The construction of this dam in Brazil Amazon rain forest, has rubbed wildlife conservationists the wrong way.With claims that the dam will cause massive flooding, the killing of the snake has drawn sharp criticism.Some have argued that, the crew should have let the snake alive,given that the company ought to have trained their workers how to handle wild animals.

His-story repeating itself?Such claims of unusually large snakes being caught, are not uncommon in the media, and human history. An almost similar story, was posted on 19 September 2014, and documented by the Mail online.This story highlighted how a group of Brazilian fishermen, pulled a gigantic serpent out of the water just for spot!It was reported that two of the fishermen, were fined and faced possible jail sentence ,at the behest of the Environmental Police.

The topic of Giant anacondas has been a subject of debate and discussion, since time immemorial!In South America, “discoveries” of giant snakes as big as 50 meters, was very common among the colonialists.Since that time, Zoologists and Cryptozooligists (study of hidden animals), have taken this issue a notch higher.The early explorers from Europe on entering the dense rain forests of South America, claimed to have sighted gigantic serpents measuring eighteen meters.The locals too, were reported to have seen anacondas measuring ten and half meters long! Since the beginning of the twentieth century, The Wildlife Conservation Society has offered rewards in cash for anyone catching a snake, whose length is nine meters or more. The interesting thing is that, nobody has ever claimed this reward, despite the myriad claims of sighting of some gigantic snake all over!

Fiction or not fiction,the anaconda phenomena has inspired stories and fiction, all over the world.From the Horacio Quiroga, the renowned writer from Uruguay, to the epic film Anaconda produced in 1977, yet this phenomenon is likely to continue preoccupying the minds of many in the world, for many years to come.

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