The world’s most Dangerous route you want to drive

If your nightmares include tons of water, then Atlanterhavsveien is your nightmare road. Built in Norway, the terrifying road has a length of 8.3 kilometers and only two lanes (one for each way of driving). What makes this so dangerous are the Atlantic Ocean’s waves that hit the road. They usually go over the cars and destabilize them, thus the risk of accidents.

Even though many people bash the danger of this road by saying that a low speed and a little focus will only get you a free car wash and a nice view, they do not take into account the winter-time, when almost no car is to be seen on the road. The ice combined with the cutting wind and the splashing waves make this road a true white hell. So if you are an adrenaline lover, this is the world’s most DANGEROUS route you want to drive, but make sure you go prepared for those frequent storms, huge waves and thick ice!

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