“Extreme Challenge” acrobat twists body through tight boxes watch new television shows

All eyes are on a beautiful Chinese acrobat in this video as she contorts her body to slip through not one, but four incredibly tight see-through-paneled boxes as part of CCTV’s “Extreme Challenge” television show.The young female acrobat wows the judges with her composition and flexibility, with audible gasps being heard as at one point, appearing stuck, she slips legs over head in such a twist, it almost looks as if she’ll snap before she can drop down into the box below her.

The anticipation of audience members is clearly evident, amazed at the dexterity of the young woman as she stretches, bends and strains to unlock herself one box after another.It’s a breath-taking performance full of tension up to the last moment at which, breaking free, she completes the maze before her in a manner genuinely unexpected.
After watching once, you’ll want to watch it again, thinking to yourself, “How does she do that?” You’ll wince and moan with her, fearful that she really will get stuck, despite the agility this woman clearly possesses. Not for the faint of heart or the claustrophobic, this is a top-rate performance worth watching.

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