Now ISIS prisoners are burned alive

Trending on Youtube, is a disturbing video of a young Sunni man being burned alive. The young man was hung like a roasting pig over a flaming barrel as the perpetrators gleefully filmed their crimes. The Shia and Sunni religious divide has been central to conflicts in the Middle East for centuries.


Fueled by current international actions, political power struggle, and terrorism this long standing feud has spurred on a new wave of horrific crimes against humanity. The video is one of many coming out of Iraq that shows the increase in violent behavior by soldiers against civilians.

The future of the middle east will likely be decided by who ever is able to win this current schism. As the war rages on, and more civilians, men, women and children suffer at the hands of criminals, like these who cheer over the cries of the helpless; the question remains how the international community can remain silent when such war crimes are being committed.

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