Have you ever seen a painter who paints with both the hands

Have you ever seen a painter who paints with both the hands and creates jaw dropping piece of art? Have you ever seen big painting of ‘joker’ so real and effective but been painted live in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds? Now let me tell you about an Indian talent who have impressed not only the judges of Asia’s Got Talent 2015 but also the fans of JOKER from each corner of the world.

VILAS NAYAK is the gem. He dazzled the whole world by his unique talent of painting. He paints with the lightening fast speed with both of his hands and what comes out as a result is marvelous piece of pure art. Ambidexterity at its best is visible in his way of painting. He creates mood and pure art at the same time. JOKER from the BATMAN movies is no longer needs any introduction.

That famous character is now favorite of each age group. When VILAS NAYAK painted that character of JOKER with both of his hands in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, along with the judges of Asia’s GOT TALENT, whole world and specially fans of the character as well as fans of PURE ART, got impressed by this new indian talent. Kudos to this young man and his talent…. !!!

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