Pouring Molten Aluminum in a Watermelon Creates Fascinating Results

TheBackyardScientist conducts a unique experiment by pouring molten aluminum in a watermelon to see what would happen. He did this by first punching a hole in the top of a watermelon, then melting the aluminum in a propane-powered boundary, and finally by pouring the molten aluminum in the watermelon through the hole on top. His expectation was that the watermelon would explode, but no real explosion occurred and the watermelon remained intact, appearing unchanged from the outside.

After the aluminum had cooled, TheBackyardScientist cut it open to see what was inside. As he revealed his creation, he laughed. “That is so much cooler than I thought!” he said. It turns out that pouring molten aluminum in a watermelon creates a unique and beautiful casting of the watermelon’s seed chambers. The casting bore similarity to castings of ant hills. To be sure of the results, TheBackyardScientist performed the experiment a second time with another watermelon and created a similar casting as the first.

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