Python devoured a goat in the village of Garkhuta in West Bengal

A python devoured a full size domestic goat in the village of Garkhuta in West Bengal. The python was around nine to ten feet long and was relatively young. It took the python almost four hours to completely swallow the goat and attempt to escape into the forest. It is believed that the python was driven into the village to find food after massive deforestation in the Jalpaiguri Forest Reserve.


It is an incredibly rare incident to see an incident so close to a populated village. This has alarmed not only the villagers but also many snake experts who believe that this signals many more incidents like this as snakes move into populated areas to find food that is becoming more and more rare in the wild. Pythons, even of this size, can easily kill children and even adults in their sleep. This has pushed many to oppose further deforestation or development of the surrounding forests.

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