Rare close up view of the majestic albina whale

The famous albino whale Migaloo was spotted off the coast of Queensland Australia on Monday. In this video of the majestic creature, we can see the whale as it breaks through the water for air and dives back in several times, playfully spraying water from its spout while onlookers from a passing by cruise ship are mesmerized by its plain sight. The camera manages to close up on this rare while whale giving viewers just as rare a chance to observe this beautiful mammal.


In This massive creature, so rare and so beautiful has left people amazed by its magnificence. Migaloo is said to have been spotted after over a year, and the sight could become more and more rare as he matures and starts moving away from the coats. When he was first spotted he was believed to be the worlds only all white whale and has been spotted several times around Australia over the years.

 (Courtesy : YouTube)

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