Real Tiger Attack on human what happen next?

The tiger snarls, sizes up the man standing before him and then pounces, knocking him to the ground backwards. When watching the video of a tiger attacking a man, it is easy to wonder if the tiger is going to kill or just injure the man.This is a real tiger attack on a human what will happen next? As the man falls backward with a tiger pawing at his face, it is still not evident that the tiger will allow, his trainer, Randy Miller to get up and walk away.

Randy Miller from California and spends his days working with 400 pound tigers. He is one of Hollywood’s best and most sought after animal trainers. He has worked on a number of films such as Gladiator, Transformers 2, and The Last Samurai.He has been injured, but does not blame the tiger. During the filming of Gladiator the tiger took exception with the wardrobe and managed to bite thought the costume. For Randy Miller, it is all in a day’s work.

 (Courtesy : YouTube)

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