Sanjyukta Parashar the first woman Officer in charge of Anti-terror operations

Whoever said a woman was not cut out to be an IPS officer was clearly wrong. This is not about the movies and the stunts that are constantly being pulled. We are talking about the real thing no stunts just the first woman IPS officer from Assam, Sanjyukta Parashar spearheads anti-terror operations in India. She is ranked 85 in the Indian UPSC exam and has a Ph.D degree. She leads the CRPF jawans through rough forest terrains in pursuit of Bodo militants.


In recent news we have learnt that the AK-47 has been circulating in the wild and these IPS are hot on their trail especially after their attack on an army fleet. Sanjyukta arrested the militants, who were behind this attack. She has no problem shooting and this helps to eliminate the terrorists making them shudder at the mere mention of her name. In taking up this role Sanjyukta is serving as an inspiration and many women will soon follow suit and get out of their comfort zone.


She has proved that she is more than capable of doing the job and getting the job right. Bodo militants have to be ready to surrender or face the bullets from her gun. She has made recoveries of stolen arms and ammunition. This is a great way to send the message to Bodo militants that civilians have someone to protect them, who is not afraid of putting them in their place. Keep in mind that there are locals who act as militants informants giving them details of the troops and their activities.ips-women_1433875159

Despite, all this she has still managed to keep them on their toes and is slowly bringing them down. It is only a matter of time before their activities and operations are brought to a complete standstill by this brave woman. Sanjyukta is not smiling or backing down any time soon. She is here to spearhead anti-terrorist operations and so far she is doing one swell of a job.


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