Some of these people are doing dangerous crap with their kids

There’s something about a father’s instinct that’s almost super human. Their arms come out at just the right moment to save the rest of us from falling, tripping, or otherwise making a fool of ourselves. But there’s nothing quiet so awesome as seeing dad save the day. We’ve all had those moments where dad has picked us up right before something goes horribly wrong.

Thanks to instant video sharing, you can see tons of these moments on the internet. One quick search will bring up a list of videos where a father scoops up his toddler by the leg or arm to prevent an would-be injury. Sometimes its the result of reckless behavior by some other adult, but the best kinds of dads know that the other adult is probably very embarrassed, so dad just laughs it off. These videos show us that we can always count on a father’s reflexes to spare the kids from disaster.


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