Story of a lonely Indian housewife

Do you know the type of ATM that dispenses the money the money you husband brings you at time? What you are about to watch has the most sophisticated Automated Teller Machine which offers not only alternate but the best solution in the family life; even so utmost caution must be observed in the process.
This husband goes for his work every day, but his wife has insatiable needs. She feels that the husband has reduced her to a mere servant who does all the duties of the house. The husband comes home early from work after refusing a go-together with his colleagues, so as to be able to have a relaxing evening with his wife. Gauri expresses her her dissatisfaction to the husband. She became very furious and wished the husband should have gone to ‘hell’ with his colleagues. The husband is disturbed. The wife needs a saaree worth 25 000, this is more than half of the husband’s salary! The husband’s earning per month is 40 000: he had categorically explained this to his wife before they got married. He had warned his wife that she was not going to adjust with him; however, Gauri had insisted that they get married since they were in love with. Is love still existing?

Gauri claims that love is blind and that everybody she know, her mother, her sister-in-law, wears expensive saarees. Gauri bitterly remembers how he mother had warned her about her decision of marrying him. The husband is stormed out with fury.

The husband, on his way to where his colleagues were, came stumbled up on this lonely and enticing lady who coaxed him in to her house where he entertained her. In return the housewife gave him money to buy his wife saaree, what a coincidence! Back at home the wife became happy when the husband gave her the money for saaree.


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