Ten Women With Extra Ordinary Features that have made it to the Genius Book Of Record

Everyone was made to look different and unique in their own way. However, some women have come out with amazing unique features that has made them quite an exception. This article lists some of their names and the outstanding characteristics which these women have.
Jyoti Angie: She is the tiniest and shortest woman in the world with a height of approximately 2 feet 6 inches. Asha Mandela: She is recognized as the woman with the longest hair in the world having styled it in dreadlocks.

Erika Ervin: She is one of the tallest models with a height of 6 feet 8 inches. Cathy Jung: She has the record of having the smallest waist in the world measuring 15 inches.Aneta Floraczyk: She is one of the strongest women having being able to win the most awards for the most powerful women competition.Mickel Ruffeneli: She known for having the largest hip size measuring a circumference of 8 inches and her waist size being 3 feet 4 inches.

Julia Gnuse. She has a world record for being the most tattooed woman in the world.Mandy Sellars: She has a record of having the largest leg which was caused by a PIK3CA gene mutation.Maria Cristerna: She is known for piercing and tattooing her entire face.Beshine: She is recognized as the woman with the largest breast each weighing 20 pounds.There is a list of some of the women you will not believe actually exist.

(Courtesy : Youtube)

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