The Arabian countries have nowadays become a den of slavery since the country has become open to cheap labor imports from other countries. Labor available includes construction jobs majorly and other manual and casual labor. In most cases of a building construction, there must be construction terms and construction specialties. All these measures must be regulated by the construction monitor which is a part of the construction management jobs.

As seen in the Viral video: Indian worker flogged by Saudi engineer in Mecca, the Saudi Arabia engineer who is part of the construction management seems so furious with the Indian construction worker. It is very unfair that the way he punishes him is far way beyond violation of human rights. The construction management here sets conditions too tough to be achieved by the construction workers. It is in such instances that you find that the construction worker fell ill, but the Saudi Arabia engineer does not care. It is too unfortunate that instead of listening to the worker’s grievances the worker gets a thorough beating.

It has raised the eyebrows of many that slavery is real in Saudi Arabia. Most construction workers of the various construction divisions have fallen victim of this humiliation and molestation and to some extent, others lose their lives due to heavy punishments and denial of food and other basic needs. The video shows that the workers have no say or opinion in the eyes of the Saudi Arabian engineer. Any words uttered are deemed as being rude and lack of respect to the senior. There exists total racial discrimination and people of a different race fall victim more often.

Apparently it feels sorry for the already victimized and a calling to those wishing to join such environments to be more cautious because once an entry is made, it becomes hard to exit.

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