The driver almost hit the little girl must watch what happens next

In a sunny afternoon , at the highest traffic point of the day , a tiny child has narrow escape after ridding into middle of busy road on a scooter . The driver almost hit the little girl , but it’s vigilance save the little one’s life .

The driver was filming his route and he was calmly driven , when all of the sudden a little child came out of nowhere riding a scooter . The driver’s  respond was really fast and he hit the brake pedal and save the little boy’s life . The boy’s mother was actually running in the back of the kid to catch him , but he didn’t stop . The traffic was stopped for a few seconds and then everything came back to normal .The girl was very lucky to have such a change in living . Take care your children and don’t leave them out of your sigh , especially in then busy part of the town .

Children are a huge source of energy, but it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the energy isn’t leading to something that is harmful and threatening for their kids.This YouTube video recorded from a car’s dashcam shows a child crossing the road on his scooter who just managed to escape after the car screeched to a stop. The little Kid tries to cross the road, not heeding the oncoming traffic.He suddenly appears out of nowhere from the right sight of the road and crosses it. After the car stops, inches before the fine line of this incident, a woman is seen rushing after the child.
No one was injured in this video where a big accident almost happened. Both the cars continue their journey after a few seconds. It’s not shown what happened to the child afterwards. This video surely raises the question of parent’s responsibility towards their kids.


 (Courtesy : YouTube)

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