The eagle extremely dangerous attack all of a sudden

Eagles are huge,powerful birds with a huge head and beak.Due to their huge strength they are at the top of the food chain in the avian world.Even the small eagles can be extremely dangerous.In this video we will see 7 attacks by eagle on different animals and human which will show why exactly eagle is considered so dangerous.

  1. 1stATTACK(GRIZZLY)- The Grizzly is walking on its own by the river through the forest completely unaware that a huge eagle is flying above it. All of a sudden the eagle came and attacked on its head and went for its eyes.
  2. 2nd ATTACK(KANGAROO)- The kangaroo is resting on its own when suddenly it saw an eagle above its head. The kangaroo tried to escape but in vain. All of a sudden 2 more eagles came and the kangaroo is running helplessly.
  3. 3rd ATTACK(WILD CAT)- The wild cat is roaming around and killed its prey,a white bird but in the jungle it only takes a minute for the hunter to become the hunted. The wild cat suddenly found himself chased by a eagle and despite being so fast could not escape.
  4. 4th ATTACK(SLOTH)- The sloth is hanging around lazily from the branches of a tree but it had no idea that the next minute it will be under the under the huge claws of a white eagle.
  5. 5th ATTACK(WOLF)- The wolf is running fast on its own but the eagle manages to pin it down
  6. 6th ATTACK(DEER)- Here the eagle throws a deer down from the cliff and then fly’s down to eat it
  7. 7TH ATTACK(MAN)- Here the eagle is seen attacking two separate man.First a young boy among a group of tourists and then a man riding his horse.

The eagle as shown in this video can be extremely dangerous and can attack all of a sudden. So it is always advisable to have an eye on the sky.

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