The Way You Eat Apple Is Wrong, This Video Will Blow Your Mind With The Right One

As the old proverb stands “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, but have we ever thought about the way we eat it. Is that the correct way to eat it? According to recent study, we usually leave 30% of our apple untouched; if we calculate the amount of apple consumed daily the 30% makes a big impact. We won’t want to the money we have earned go waste, so to use your full money or to eat an apple 100%, one should keep the video in mind  while eating an Apple:

We all generally eat apple by its side, but the actual way is to eat in UP-DOWN, yes up-down, if we eat it in our conventional way, then we always see a bunch of some seeds inside and we leave that part, but if we eat the same apple by the way mentioned here (UP-Down), the core even doesn’t exist.

So from now onwards just try to eat apple in the Up-Down manner so that it put an impact on your health not your wealth.

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