This girl Got Raped Daily

This video describe the discrimination and injustice happening to woman in day to day life. The video expresses concerns over the pathetic condition of women in our society. It depicts the filth filled in the mind of our people towards a girls behavior.

The word Rape has been used just to describe the pain inflicted behind these social injustice towards them.Rape has been taken here as the helpless state of oppressed woman in our society , many of whom ,live under this burden of orthodox conservative thinking. Every one is responsible for it and it begins at home. Girl Infant killing or before birth abortion is the base of this literary Rape. The in-discrimination faced by the girl child while she is brought up. It could be in terms of education , facilities and amenities. It also relates to the injustice done towards them to devoid them from all the resources which could have helped them to live their dreams. The heavy burden of dowry and domestic violence she has to bear in order to survive .

The right of her to choose her husband is taken away and who dares to do so is termed as bitch. Calling a slut if roaming at night or spending time with boyfriend.There is profound dominance by the darker sex and the nature is often violent and offensive. They are pressurized of delivering male child apart and lest blamed also if not giving birth to a male child. All household works are given to them and are treated no less than bounded laborer.Apart from this daily taunting on streets, public place molestation and allegation.Raped by thoughts ,words and acts . The present woman want to feel independent and secure . It now up to us to change our mentality and begin living to the standard of being called as Humans.


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