Tiger fight with giant anaconda real fight watch Wildlife video

Most people have been to zoos and seen the wild animals up-close but not in their natural habitat, we must first understand that these creatures seen at the zoos do not act like they would in the wilderness because they are caged and have limited place to move around and explore, and hence the animals become unhealthy and lazy and let go of most of their primal instincts.Now it has been made possible to see these animals and all that mother nature has to offer through amazing wildlife videos on YouTube, you can watch all kinds of wildlife videos free like you would see on Animal Planet without long commercial break.

In This Video, are rare encounter between the glorious mega serpent “Anaconda” and the beastly aggressor of the woods “Yellow-Striped Tiger”, the tiger finds the huge snake anaconda hidden in the bushes clearly not looking for attention, but surprised by the tigers attack the anaconda quickly tries its best defenses but fails has the tiger is much agile and the snake is unable to successfully coil over the tigers body. Bite After Bite the tiger manages to deeply injure the large snake and it tries to escape, but the tiger is persistent in its attacks he quickly got back to the snake to finish it off.

The Anaconda was caught once again in the tigers grip and it was exhausted by now but manged to coil up over the tigers back as a final defense move and managed to pin down the giant cat while it was still spinning to make its grip tighter. The tiger now howls in Pain and struggles to break free but the situation worsens as the anaconda further tightens it grip, finally the snake make a mistake while spinning over the tiger loosening the grip enough to let the tiger escape. Enjoy This Video and Many other wildlife videos on our YouTube channel and more.

Not many times you will get to see videos of wild animal fighting each other. We are therefore made to see them as cool and peaceful which is not the case. Things get bad sometimes and they turn on each other. Thanks to wildlife videos you tube and best video camera for wildlife you are able to see the other side of the animals.Wild animals fight each other for various reasons with the main one been food. In many wildlife animal videos, the prey takes the day after a fight that helps it obtain a meal. In one of the African wildlife videos i happened to watch, some male lions were fighting each other for dominance. animals of the same species will also fight each other for mates. Another wildlife video was showing animals fighting each other for living fortress.Now you are well aware of the situation with the animals. Videos taken have exhibited them fighting for food, mates and territory dominance among other reasons. I believe next time you see animals fight you will not be amazed.

Animal fight for Dominance:Some species of animals fight in order to determine who will be in charge of the herd. Examples of this include animals like the deer. The male lock their antlers in order to determine who is the strongest.

Animal Fight to get priority access over Females:There are some species who fight in order to determine who will have the right to mate with the female. This is the case with deer. Another species that does this too is the rubyspot damselflies. The male damsleflies are always aggressive and fight with anyone who invade their territory.

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